A tribute to the past, a greeting to the future.

Andrea, a lovely graduated senior, backstage with Dr. Jekyll's lab.

These are pictures from last March/April, closing night of Jekyll And Hyde at Bosco, and opening night of the one acts at IHA. They make me sad to think of how those shows are in the past, and all the seniors have graduated. We’ll never get to relive those hours spent backstage at Bosco, the cast parties, or my first time as an ass-man (assistant stage manager) for Noelle during the one acts.

Craig and Dylan in costume. Hyde whacked them both, it was awesome.

Stef and I frolicked about Bosco before showtime. We call this one "Jekyll."

Stefanie, lit by the sunset.

Amy in front of a wall backstage, covered in chalk doodles from previous generations of theatre kids.

Panera run and a sick flare.

We had a good talk during this car ride, I remember.

But theatre season is so close I can feel the excitement in the air.  I can’t wait to spend my nights pricking my fingers on needles teaching the boys how to sew and do math, caffeine and laughter replacing sleep, creating bonds with the theatre family that cannot be recreated in any other situation.  I can’t wait to gossip about the cast list, do the prayer circle before each show, feel the adrenaline rush as the lights black out and the curtain rises.

Amy and I out around campus, on the hunt for some dirty sun flares.

.....We got 'em.

Bosco's campus is too lovely.

Stef just chillin'.

Andrea and Jake.

We call this one "Hyde."

One acts:

Kate having her hurr did by her director Kayla. Court and TPopz in the background...

Megan poking other Megan.

IHA theatre runs on Dunkin'. Caroline.


I have to be quite frank with myself, and you, dear blog reader: through the chilly months of fall, oppressive winter, and cool spring, the theaters of IHA and Don Bosco are my hobby, my haven, my home. I love being there, I miss being there, and I cannot wait to go back.


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