urban crushes: cutouts, collars, and anything lace

one, two, three, four, five, six.


Basement Biddies

Spent a night last weekend with a couple old friends, plus some new ones.  A few more hep cats were in attendance that I neglected to get shots of.  Posse of one also attended, naturally.  We looked pin-up perfect, if you ask me!

romper: UO, head band: Anthropologie
Amy’s skirt/belt: f21, tank: Charlotte Russe

Post-Irene Playground

Despite the apocalyptic tidings that every news station up the east coast had been preaching, here in Jersey Irene turned out to be nothing more than a heavier-than-average-rainstorm. After fighting basement-water-invasion until 4 am last night, Padre y yo headed out this afternoon to check out the damage around town.  I embraced the chunky cardi for the first time since winter, got up close and personal with an uprooted tree, and took some shots of the old man doin’ his thang.

dress: F21, cardigan: UO, sneaks: Converse

We have power so I am counting this one as a GOOD DAY.